Members and their ranks

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Members and their ranks

Post  SCOT on Sun Nov 04, 2012 7:18 pm

This thread will be addressing our members and their ranks.

Council Members
Scott Bristol, Fearless Austin DavenPort, Wicked Ivy, Noah( Devin Clegg), Cole EverHart, Tyler Lawson (This list can be changed at any time)

Generals( Second in commands)

Cameron EverHart(General of Spy), Fiona Percy(General of Navy), Dead-Eye Cody(General of War). (List will be added as we recruit more generals)

Spy Team (main function is to gain knowledge about other clans)

Faithful Cameron EverHart, Cole Everhart, Victor, Noble Benjamin Silver,Shallow Nicholas Dodger, Amber Maxwell, Humble Klaus Underwood.


Scott, Dead-Eye Cody, Aedan Quinn, Ronan, Silver Dino Walker, Bloody Adam Webb


Fearless Austin Davenport, Fiona Percy, Tavia, Ruthless Richard, Ronan Rackhelm, Kimberly Nightingale, Griffin Ironside, Antonio Lawson, Colin Ainsley, Dreaming Flora, Dylan Walker, Chris, Autumn Moon.

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